Dindigul Dragons vs Nellai Royal Kings, Qualifier 2 - Live Cricket Score, Commentary

Series: Tamil Nadu Premier League 2023 Venue: Indian Cement Company Ground, Tirunelveli Date & Time: Jul 10, 07:15 PM LOCAL
DGD 185/5 (20)
NRK 191/3 (20)
Nellai Royal Kings won by 7 wkts
Ajitesh Guruswamy

We witnessed a brilliant Qualifier 2 and both these sides tried their best. Dindigul were one of the best teams in the league stage but when they had to deliver, they did not rise to the occasion. Nellai have now won two closely-fought knockout games and their confidence will be sky high. They will take on Lyca Kovai Kings on Wednesday and it promises to be a thrilling finale! We hope you enjoyed our coverage. Till then, goodbye and take care!

Rithik Easwaran: I am out of breath right now but happy to go to the final. We had the short boundary.. The first two balls clicked and then we went on from there (referring to the 19th over). Just use your brain over brawn (mid innings talk). It has been a team effort, every match someone has stepped up and done it for the team. It was an instinctive moment (going for three sixes).

22:53 Local Time, 17:23 GMT: It has been a roller coaster of a game and Nellai have held their nerve to get through. 37 were needed off the last 2 overs in this knockout game and a neutral fan would have backed the bowling side to win. But, Easwaran hit three sixes off the first three balls of the penultimate over and that led the momentum to swing in favour of Nellai and after that, there was no stopping them. Kudos to Ajitesh for playing a blinder of a knock! Dindigul did well to post a competitive score on the board on the back of good knocks from Shivam Singh and Boopathi Kumar. In reply, Arun Karthik came out with the right mindset and played a breezy cameo but Aushik got the better of him. Sugendhiran struggled for rhythm and got out in a loose manner to Chakaravarthy. It was Ajitesh who looked fluent from the word go and kept the scoreboard ticking. He changed gears after he settled in and kept finding the boundaries at will. Rajagopal was not his usual self tonight and the call to retire out was a wise one. Easwaran came in at a crunch situation and batted with flair. 33 came off the penultimate over and that almost killed the game. 4 were needed off the last over. Bhati bowled brilliantly and kept his side in the game till the end. But, he lost his mark on the last ball and Easwaran deposited it for a maximum to lead his side to ecstasy!


Suboth Bhati to Rithik Easwaran, SIX, Rithik Easwaran finishes it off in style! What a game, brilliant stuff! A low full-toss on off, just what Rithik Easwaran wanted. He crouches in his stance and heaves it over deep square leg and runs towards his partner. They hug each other and the Nellai players run in from the dug out and join in the celebrations. Nellai are through to the finals

Nellai need 1 off 1 ball. The field is coming in. Chakaravarthy is having a chat with Indrajith.


Suboth Bhati to Ajitesh Guruswamy, 1 run, a full-toss on off, Ajitesh swings through the line and hits it towards long-off. The fielder in the deep moves across to his right and makes a good stop. Only gives away a run


Suboth Bhati to Ajitesh Guruswamy, no run, another dot! Slower short ball on middle and leg, Ajitesh Guruswamy hops and tries to help the pull across but misses. 2 needed off 2 balls. The umpire signals one for the over

Fine leg in place now


Suboth Bhati to Ajitesh Guruswamy, no run, a dot, nicely executed! Slower back of the hand slower ball on a length on off, Ajitesh Guruswamy tries to tap it square of the wicket on the off-side but the ball cuts away to beat him. 2 needed off 3


Suboth Bhati to Rithik Easwaran, 1 run, very full ball slanting across Easwaran, he drives it to long-on for a run. Singles will do for Nellai


Suboth Bhati to Ajitesh Guruswamy, 1 run, 108kph slower length ball on off, Ajitesh Guruswamy places it to sweeper cover for a single


Kishoor to Rithik Easwaran, SIX, Easwaran has almost killed the game with this shot! 33 off the over. Rithik Easwaran moves across his stumps. It's a full toss in his zone. He crouches and scoops it over fine leg for a maximum. Only 4 needed off the final over

Free-Hit coming up...


Kishoor to Ajitesh Guruswamy, no ball, 1 run, full-toss on off, Ajitesh Guruswamy goes hard at it and mistimes his hit towards long-off. The fielder cuts it off. Well, Kishoor has overstepped, criminal to do so at such a crucial stage of the game


Kishoor to Ajitesh Guruswamy, SIX, The momentum has swung in favour of Nellai! Lovely shot. full ball outside off, Ajitesh Guruswamy is deep in the crease waiting for it. He smashes it over long-on for another six. 25 off the over already

18 needed of 8 balls


Kishoor to Rithik Easwaran, 1 run, right in the blockhole outside off, Rithik Easwaran looks to squeeze it through point perhaps but gets it off the bottom half of the bat towards extra cover


Kishoor to Rithik Easwaran, SIX, make it a hat-trick of sixes! This is getting too predictable from Kishoor and Rithik Easwaran is feasting on them. Kishoor comes back to over the wicket and bowls a slower ball in the slot on off. Rithik Easwaran stays inside the line of it and goes inside out over extra cover. The moment it left the bat, we knew where it was heading, clean strike


Kishoor to Rithik Easwaran, SIX, back-to-back maximums! Kishoor switches to round the wicket and lands this one in the slot, Rithik Easwaran tonks it over long-on for a big maximum. Stand and deliver stuff from him. 25 needed off 10 balls


Kishoor to Rithik Easwaran, SIX, right on cue! An off-cutter on a full length around off, Rithik Easwaran swings through the line. Hits it well and clears the fielder at long-off with ease

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