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The game against West Indies at the 10,000-seater Harare Sports Club (HSC) was sold out.

Witnessing democracy in cricket in beloved Zimbabwe

Whether brown, black or white, at last people in Zimbabwe concur that cricket in the country is enjoying a moment of unprecedented positivity amidst social and racial unity
Jul 01 2023
Opening the batting is intensely scrutinised, because all beginnings are intensely scrutinised.

The fading art of Test opening

While Test cricket still has some anchor tenants at the top of the order, their partners tend to resemble a series of short-term sublets. Why has the sight of a long-term opening pair become so rare?
Jun 22 2023
The fight that begins on Friday is slugger versus boxer, ultra-modernity versus tradition

England: The Puncher's Chance

Looking at the current England and Australia teams brings back memories of one of heavyweight boxing's great duels, and it's clear that someone is about to get punched in the face
Jun 14 2023
Where does the significance of WTC lie in an already-crowded cricket calendar

What the WTC tells us about world cricket

Explanations for what the World Test Championship Final stands for are thin on the ground. But if there's one thing it does a good job of representing, it's the lack of congruence in the game.
Jun 06 2023
Ireland were outplayed by England in the recently-concluded Lord's Test, losing by 10 wickets

The blessing and curse of Test status

Ireland's elevation to full member status in 2017 brought great expectations for the game's growth, but the reality has been a little different. Might the ICC's new funding model be their saving grace?
Jun 04 2023
In six red-ball games, Harry Brook already has four centuries and boasts an average just under 81

When Harry met Harry

Harry Brook and Harry Tector have more in common than their first name - they share a history and also hopes for the future
Jun 01 2023
Is England's 'Bazball' revolution dependent on having a captain like Ben Stokes, or is it part of a wider cultural moment?

England: Breaking the paradigm

Is England's 'Bazball' revolution dependent on having a captain like Ben Stokes, or is it part of a wider cultural moment? This summer's contests are likely to provide some answers
May 30 2023
Is Sunday's final Dhoni's last match? The only right answer is: 'we don't know'.

The real and imagined MS Dhoni

Every CSK game has been witness to an incredible spectacle this season. The captain has been at once central and peripheral to this phenomenon
May 27 2023
Kohli and du Plessis had great campaigns but it wasn't enough to pull RCB through.

Impact Player rule exposes RCB's frailties on return to Chinnaswamy

Boundary hitting is the order of the day in the IPL especially after the introduction of the Impact Player rule and RCB will have to make rapid strides in this department to ensure they don't get left behind
May 23 2023
Watson had a glittering career for Australia and retired from international cricket in 2016.

'In my experience of cricket, mental skills are not taught well'

As a cricketer, Shane Watson was dedicated to becoming the best player he could. Yet as he explains in a candid interview, the tools that allowed him to flourish came along late in his career - and had nothing to do with technique
May 17 2023
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